robobee | RPA in audit and finance

robobee's are virtual assistant RPA tools to automate daily business activities in audit and finance

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the common Technologie to automate digital processes by using a robot, who adopt human activities (click, copy, paste).
Is RPA a Macro - no it's not. The robot can use all kind of software, extract data and files from different sources like Webpages, Software, Excel and combine all the information to use it somewhere else (Excel, Software, etc)
In audit and tax daily business, there are a lot of activities who only take some minutes, but overall you have to spend a lot of time to do all of them like - rolling forward of the client, Import balance list, select debtors for confirmation letters and so on. Automation has a huge benefit to safe time that can be used for higher value activities and customer relationship.
Automation is like LEGO, you have to combine different bricks - the activities - to build step by step your robot. It all beginns with a single sequenz and ends with an end-to end process, where different robots are involved. Best practise to build a robot - keep it small and simple but modular, so they can work together.
Some benefits of RPA - all people in the company can have a virtual assistant to safe time and focus on relevant tasks, ReThinking and ReDesign of processes so the robot can do his job in a strait line reduces complexity and risks, daily business tasks can be done by robots.

RPA best practice

Automation unfolds its full potential if the following things are observed.


The robot can execute processes faster than humans, but for that it needs a unique and predetermined process.


The robot performs actions 100% accurately. However, interference from unknown system messages, changed formats or file names may cause the robot to abort.


The more often the process follows the same pattern, the faster the set-up costs of the robot are amortised. In this respect, robots are particularly suitable for recurring processes.


Robots initially replace small sequences. Bit by bit, more sequences are added until a workflow is partially or even fully automated.

RPA Use Cases for audit tasks

Extracting invoices from DMS
index.xml Transformation

RPA Use Cases für Audicon Caseware

Saldenimport in Audicon